2022 Dates Announced

Official announcement. Here are some of our show dates for calendar year 2022.

FANCON #56     April 2, 2022
POP-CULTURE RIOT #2     June 11, 2022
2022 FREESTATECON     September 10, 2022

These dates are consistent with our past pattern of having a FANCON show on the first Saturday of April, and a FREESTATECON on the first Saturday after Labor Day.   The POP CULTURE RIOT #1 show back in October 2021 was initially a make-up date, held in pandemic reserve.  We hope that our POP CULTURE RIOT #2 show, scheduled for June 11, will become another in our traditional style of annual shows.  As for the Topekarama show, a date has not been set yet, and could happen at any time in 2022.  More details on that as the show develops.

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