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With the ever-expanding comic book convention scene in and around Kansas City, it would seem that there are no shortage of cons to attend. In this environment, it is increasingly important to distinguish one show from another from another. At FANCON CENTRAL, we currently have three shows lined up, with a 4th on the way. The three each have a different focus and theme.

We now invite you to hop onto the rocketship of fun, and set your sights on the FANCON CENTRAL galaxy of shows! 

First, on April 2, we’ll be celebrating our 56th comic & toy show. FANCON #56 will be focused on the dealers and other exhibitors who bring the comics, toys, geekwear, artwork, and other magical goods for your collecting pleasure. FANCON is our ‘exhibitor-centric’ show.

Next, on June 11, it will be time for the second annual COLLECTORAMA (formerly the Pop Culture Riot).  A celebration of the entirety of popular culture including vinyl records, videos, sports & non-sports trading & gaming cards, video games, sports memorabilia, action figures and dolls, and of course comic books! How does that song go again?  You gotta fight (dun dun) for your right (dun dun) to geeeeek out!

On September 10, comes the return of our flagship event: FREESTATECON.  This is the show that spotlights the area’s awesome comic book creators.We typically deliver a fun mix of professional and emerging talent, with a few crafters thrown into the mix.  And of course, all of your favorite comic book and toy dealers!  We call FREESTATECON our ‘creator-centric’ show, and it is not to be missed!

Fans!  Wear an official article of KC FANCON clothing or flair to save on admission at all of our shows!

All shows occurring in 2022 will be FREE AFTER THREE! Don’t want to pay to get in? Come after 3:00 in the afternoon, and get in for free!

Are you an exhibitor and want to set up at all three of these great shows?  Exhibitors who have a desire to sell merchandise at all three shows will get a special all-inclusive package discount on their spaces. Inquire for details.

Mark your calendars. The rocketship awaits you.

PS – TOPEKARAMA is coming, too. Tease!

Craig Klotz
Kansas City Fan Conventions


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