2020 FANCON shows

In January 2020, the year was so full of promise. Who’da thunk that the whole world would be turned upside down in such a short time? The global pandemic has hit everyone hard.

Here at Fancon Central, we’ve been no stranger to this mixed up, muddled up, shook up world. Our first show, which should have taken place in early April was the first victim, as Kansas was in “Phase 2” of reopening. Then, everyone had high hopes for June, but Kansas had just moved to “Phase 3” of reopening, which meant no gatherings of more than 45 people, so June fell victim to the coronavirus, too. We felt certain that our September date would work out, but alas, Kansas could not get out of Phase 3, so that show, too, was cancelled and postponed.

Craig Klotz
October Eve, 2020

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